Mostly AV JAM in the Pub

Often, when I'm sitting planning a jam with the crew, staring out the window dreaming of flying down a snowy mountain… working out who is going to be saying what about our great AV industry, I have a load of PC windows open in front of me. Through one window, I watch a steady stream of tweets scrolling down about people planning the last ISE in Amsterdam, those celebrating they are travelling and those doing the #noncomm thing and BOOM..... light-bulb moment! As we were planning our ISE activities at the time too and I see all these

people from around the globe travelling for the last Dutch stroopwaffle, I throw out... "what about we do an AVJAM.... after dark.... in the pub?" As that initial flow of excitement goes through the team and we all think how awesome it would be, Jase snaps it back to reality with a "How we gonna do that and who we gonna invite?" and so the planning kicked in.

We went through a number of scenarios, at one point it turned into another Peerless party but you know us, we are personable, focused and love the more intimate conversations where we can have that laid back bar chat we love so much about an industry we have a Marmite relationship with. We do mostly agree (most of the time actually), so to mix this up even more we reached out to the awesome Michelle and Kate from @MostlyAV to come and join us and the ultimate mashup began! The plan had legs and three weeks later, I'm standing at the table in a packed-out London Bridge Pub, with people from UK, Canada, USA, Holland, France and more, staring down a bottle of Jose Cuervo and pressing record.... We are on!


As discussed in the Jam, the subject of "Premium AV" came to me via my 2 children (10 & 13) When they heard I had ordered a Tesla, their excitement for this brand being on our driveway compared to Jaguar, Audi or Lexus got me thinking. My two youths clearly perceive Tesla as a premium brand, more so than Jaguar,

yet I am the polar opposite. Then, I got to thinking about an #AVintheAM style discussion about all facets defining Premium AV. Do we have manufacturers who we all agree are Premium? We all know biggest is not the definition of Premium when it comes to integrators and what role Marketing plays in this?

Did we achieve it? Watch the Jam and see....


I arrived at London Bridge unsure on what the night would hold, will enough people turn up and will the venue work? We were a bit concerned at first as the pub was quite busy, however the other visitors swiftly departed and we took the place over (probably due to the noise [from the American’s and Kev!]. The highlight of the evening was finally meeting Michelle and Kate in person after months of planning on Twitter (with the AV JAM crew messaging like tweens as Michelle said).


We're so blessed at times to have some awesome people around us as we did in the pub and other times we get left with Chuck and Graham. The other 2 got on their toes to the bar and the rest of us were lucky enough to get the insights of the Mad Sound Guy and the Award winning guy from NEC (did you know he won an award?). We continued the discussion of Premium AV and naturally went off-piste and ended up on Cyclops in lipstick? 🤷‍♂️