King Tut: Behind the Golden Mask

By Camille Burch

Sr. Manager, Communications and Marketing

Design Electronics

Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh is taking London by storm with its residency at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, London, where it will remain until May 3, 2020. Design Electronics is the system integrator for all ten stops on the global tour, including this third stop.

Today, I’m lifting the golden mask of King Tut to reveal some fun facts about the exhibition that you may not have known! 

Record Breaker

Who knew how much people are intrigued by the mystique of the boy king! In its last stop in Paris, the extraordinary legacy of King Tut boasted record crowds, with over 1.3 million tickets sold. Over 200,000 tickets were sold in week one alone, and lines were as long as 5000 at peak times. The previous record of 1.2 million was set in 1967 by a previous King Tut artifact tour. People are mesmerized by Egyptology -  so if you’re planning to attend in London, get your tickets soon!

First Look

Even if you’ve seen previous iterations of Tut, this one deserves your attention. The exhibition, designed by IMG Exhibitions, boasts the largest assembly of priceless artifacts from Tutankhamun's tomb ever on public display outside of Egypt. Of the 150+ artifacts on display, 60 of these artifacts are leaving Egypt for the first and last time. They will return for permanent display at a new Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo, currently under construction. 

Why Tour Tut?

The tour was organized, in part, to financially support the construction of a permanent King Tut Museum outside of Cairo. The planned museum will feature state-of-the-art technology and the full collection of King Tut artifacts, so it is expected to cost many millions of dollars to construct. With the global tour doing well, the Egyptian government hopes to raise much of this money to support their passionate efforts to preserve and present Tut’s legacy.

Fascinating Integration History

This is the third time a King Tut exhibition has toured, and Design Electronics has integrated all three of the tours! The team has also integrated the Lady Diana Exhibition, Victoria: The T-Rex, Hamilton: The Exhibition, and many others. Design Electronics integrates cutting edge security and surveillance, which is one reason they have been selected to protect these priceless artifacts.

Khalil Williams, CEO of Design Electronics, told me one of the most exciting aspects for him was being the first use case for blending images from three powerful Barco F-series projectors on a curved screen in the intro theater. The result is spectacular!

Back to America

We are often asked when King Tut will return to North America – and it’s very soon! After London, the Exhibition travels to Boston opening in May 2020. It will also stop in Philadelphia, Chicago, Sydney and Singapore on future legs of the tour.

AV Jam on Press Tour

When I was charged with inviting London press to preview the exhibition, I immediately thought of my friends over at AV Jam! JP told me that I was the first official press invitation the AV Jam lads have received, so we all hope we started something!

IMAGES:  Laboratoriorosso, Viterbo, Italy