AV JAM at #ISE2020

So, for the first time all 4 of the AV Jam team were at one of the big shows. After missing Infocomm 2019, it was hard for me to appreciate just how much growth we have seen since ISE 2019. Only this week @AVJamUK tweeted about a 400% increase compared the last period of 2019. This for us is amazing!!!! And, because of this I loved the extra conversation (compared to my day job).

Then, 3 shows were recorded. Compared to last years 1 is a nice upturn and effort

on our parts!? You guys can be the judge of quality though.

Before I move on to the show, I have to say a very special thank you to Michelle Loret (@vacajun) and Kate Calderon (@tastefullykate) for the Mostly AV JAM crossover. From the planning, to the recording it was brilliant to change the dynamic of our shows. I loved it! In fact, we all loved it!

The Show

This year’s show was cursed from the start. First off, Friday 14th February was always going to be a quiet one, except for those brave enough to stay away (not me). Then, Corona Virus – booth cancellations and travel bans galore. To top it all off, Storm Ciara tested the will of the AV community. I especially loved Joe Way’s (@josiahway) USA – Norway – Denmark – Netherlands route (I bet Joe didn’t).

We all know by now that attendance was around 40% down and the conversation is plentiful about “quality over quantity”. My point here is, you can plan for quality if you plan your show properly. I am already seeing positive results from our show experience for both Involve & AV Jam. We plan properly!

However, during a recent recording with Tim from AV Nation (@AVnationTV), I did threaten this blog and to explain what we have learned in order to improve on this further. My plan for ISE 2021 is to continue the quality over quantity mantra. However, I amgoing to add “less is more” … meaning, that I am almost certainly planning on sending a smaller crew that are more aligned to the quality over quantity mantra. At our peak, we have sent as many as 20 people to the ISE show. I would expect to be “down by 40%” just like ISE 2020.

What Next?

Our recordings from Amsterdam will be released over the coming weeks, with a new one scheduled to be in the middle of it all. In addition, we have scheduled 2 more from Amsterdam conversations.

Leaving only 2-3 gaps before our #Infocomm20 content. And, at Infocomm we are planning to raise the bar once more. 3-4 shows all different styles & messages. I cannot wait!One thing though, ISE did raise one question … “3 of you are coming, where’s Amy?”. Our show budget is spent. So, here’s an opportunity…

If any friendly vendors want to talk to us about sponsoring AV Jam in Vegas, drop us a line. It is simply to cover the cost of getting Amy to Vegas and we are offering shout outs on social, website branding, branding on all 3-4 Infocomm shows and a potential show appearance/feature. Let us know if you’re interested!

Until the next big show. Keep on rocking in the free world!